You will find patient comments “sprinkled” through the pages of our web site.  Those comments are in green to make it easier for you to identify.

“The therapists here are fabulous.  I have learned a great deal about how to relieve my symptoms and improve my hand and wrist.” ~Lesly 

“If you were to ask my seven year old daughter what is special about Hand Therapy Specialist she would say “Julie is the best therapist, she doesn’t hurt you and she makes good cookies.” My daughter had the best experience with the therapists at Hand Therapy Specialists. Her arm was broken in six spots two in her elbow. Her surgeon was not sure that she would have full range of movement in her arm. After three months of therapy with she is able to straighten her arm and bend it up and down. Hand Therapy Specialists made a huge difference in the life of my child.” ~Lizz

“It’s hard to believe that four weeks of therapy for my arm/elbow have passed so quickly. I very much appreciate your team effort to get me on the path toward complete and rapid healing.  Your knowledge, care and good humor made for the perfect elixir.” ~Tom 

“Very helpful and practical suggestions on exercises and how to modify tasks.” ~Elizabeth 

“I was so impressed with the staff at Hand Therapist Specialists.  They made me feel at ease and gave me the tools that will lead me to a full recovery.  Thank you!” ~Jeniece

 I am grateful to have learned ways to take care of myself. My therapist was caring and very clear in her instructions.” ~Laurie