Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Hand Therapy Specialists?

We would love it if you choose us! Our therapists are highly skilled in treatment of the upper extremity, there is an average of 16 years experience amongst our staff. We were the first clinic in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area dedicated to this specialized field and we love what we do!

Why is it important for me to see a certified hand therapist?

Your doctor recommended you make an appointment with Hand Therapy Specialists for therapy.  You are wondering if another therapy office closer to your home wouldn’t be easier, but they don’t have a certified hand therapist on staff.  Does that really matter?  Yes it does!  The treatment of the upper extremity is a highly specialized skill.

What is a certified hand therapist (CHT)?

  • CHT is a separate credential that an experienced therapist can attain through advanced study and training.  They have dedicated their careers to this specialization.
  • CHTs are therapists who have a minimum of 5 years experience and 4,000 hours in the direct care of patients with upper extremity injuries.
  • CHTs have passed a comprehensive examination of in-depth anatomy & physiology, theory and advanced clinical skills in treatment of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.
  • The latest figures for the United States reflect about 5,000 therapists nationwide have attained this designation; 85% are occupational therapists and 15% are physical therapists.

What are the benefits to me?

  • The CHT credential ensures that the therapist has attained the highest level of competency in the care of the upper extremity.
  • A CHT has up-to-date knowledge and expertise in surgical techniques.  This is critical in post injury and surgery care, allowing the therapist to protect delicate structures while helping you restore your motion/function.
  • A specialist who thoroughly understands your problem can be more effective thus shortening the length and cost of your care.

For more information on the CHT credential, visit the certifying organization’s website at http://www.htcc.org/about/index.cfm.

My hand splints are my second skin for the last 5 years. I would not be able to complete my daily busy living without them – Thanks to Hand Therapy Specialists” Linda